GT06N Get alerts in Real-Time and with a super quick SOS alert.

Easy 10 second installation - Simply attach it to a flat magnetic metal surface on your vehicle

Product Info

GT06 N is the best seller among products. This GPS Vehicle Tracker is known for its multifunctionality. Get alerts in Real-Time

Product Features

  • One way communication
  • SOS Alerts
  • Anti-Theft
  • Battery Backup
  • Live Tracking
  • Engine Cut-off
  • Water Proof
  • Engine Alert
  • Parking Alert
  • Unplug Alertli
  • Towed Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • Zone Alert
  • 30 Days of History
  • Value for Money
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Sleep Mode
  • Location On demand
  • Downloads

    Vehicle Tracking Device User Manual

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